Never Lose a Gadget Again!

38 Million cell phones are lost, stolen, or damaged each year just in America alone. Dont let yours be one of them. How many times have you lost, misplaced or forgotten your cell phone? Has your cell phone ever been stolen? Panic, shock, and adrenaline grip you when you cannot find your phone. In an instant “boom” all is gone. We have all been there. Maybe you left your cell phone at a restaurant, office, school, a friends house, a party, your car, bus, airport, taxi etc.?

Life is challenging enough. Loosing, damaging, or having your cell phone stolen shouldn’t be one of them. Are you ever afraid of dropping and breaking your  VERY EXPENSIVE cell phone or smartphone while talking, walking, or texting? It kind of feels risky and vunerable with outstreched arms shooting photo’s and video’s doesnt it! Afraid of losing years of photos, music, contacts, videos, games, apps, personal information, texts, documents, from a lost, damaged or stolen cell phone?
FEAR NOT! Problem solved! With Nuclear Neckware™  you simply attach the air locking system onto the back of your cell phone and one second later your phone is safely around your neck and laying flat on your mid section. With the Nuclear Neckware™ system you will ALWAYS know where your phone is. Never Lose a Gadget Again!™

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